HR ProgramJob-Based HR Program

We fully support our employees
to facilitate their unhindered
performance at work.

Job-Based HR Program

Samyang operates an HR program that is based on the value and performance of each job rather than seniority to ensure the growth of our employees and the company.

  • Job-based compensation

  • Job grading structure based on job value

  • Higher relevance with strategies

Job Grading Structure

Samyang’s job-based HR system divides and groups job grades based on the relative value of each job.

Job Grading Structure diagram

Evaluation and Compensation

Samyang’s job-based HR system manages the performance of our employees by reviewing their achievement and capability.

  • Achievement Evaluation

    The outcome of carrying out the job
  • Capability Evaluation

    The individual knowledge, skills, and behavioral characteristics required to carry out the job

Samyang’s job-based HR system provides fair compensation opportunities based on the relative value of each job and individual performance.

  • Basic Salary

    Differentiated compensation based on job value and performance evaluation
  • Company Incentive

    Graded incentive based on the level of achievement of the financial target
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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