Chemical Business

We develop high value-added
materials and solutions for the
high-tech industry.


Good materials make good products,
and good products form the basis of a good life.

We develop good materials that form the basis of life

to create a more abundant and convenient lifestyle.

The Chemical business is making steady achievements in the existing business area centered on polycarbonate chain, while also reforming the business portfolio to focus on specialty solutions and identify new business opportunities in the eco-friendly, high-tech, and personal care industries. Furthermore, we will develop innovative technologies targeting the global market and expand the reach of our network to ultimately become a global specialty company that contributes to strengthening the overall competitiveness of the industry.


  • Engineering Plastic (EP)

    High-tech materials such as automobile,
    electric/electronic and mechanical parts

    EP is a special plastic that is stronger than metal and clearer than glass. Its superior transparency, heat-resistance and mechanical characteristics compared to general-use plastic makes it the most suitable high-function, high-tech material for electric/electronic, automobile and optical products.
  • Ion Exchange Resin

    Synthetic resin for water treatment and separation/purification of substances

    Ion exchange resin is a synthetic resin that has the ability to exchange ions. It is mainly used for water treatment and separation or purification of certain substances, and also used for various products such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor and catalyst products. Samyang Corporation is the only ion exchange resin producer in Korea, taking the lead in developing resins and application technologies for ultrapure water and special purposes.
  • Personal Care Materials

    Key materials for hair treatment and skin protection

    Highly-functional and naturally-sourced cationic surfactant is a hypoallergenic material that has a low level of skin penetration. Conditioning polymer provides effective protection of hair and skin and is used in various personal care products. The high quality of KCI's products have been recognized by numerous well-known multinational companies, leading to a steady demand for supply.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials

    Plant-derived eco-friendly plastic materials

    Isosorbide is the product made by converging food and chemical technologies. It is an eco-friendly material for plastic with a biomass content of 100% produced by chemically processing starch extracted from plant such as corns. It is relatively carbon neutral compared to petroleum-based materials and can be used as a substitute for chemical materials, including plastic, paint and adhesive. Samyang Innochem is the first company in Korea to produce and supply isosorbide.
  • Other Chemical Materials

    Main material of engineering plastic

    The TPA produced by Samnam Petrochemical is used as the main material for polyester textile, resin, film, paint and engineering plastic for its high level of heat resistance, wear resistance and insulation. The BPA produced by Samyang Innochem is used as the main material for polycarbonate, which is used for a wide range of products including electronic and medical products, inner coating applied for corrosion prevention of metal, construction materials, and epoxy resin used as adhesive for wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and rubber.
  • Semiconductor Materials

    Fine chemical products used to produce semiconductors

    Photoresist (PR) used for the photolithography process in semiconductor manufacturing is a material that responds to light and consists of polymer, photo acid generator (PAG) and solvent. NC Chem provides a steady supply of polymer and PAG which are the key materials for PR and has the largest compound semiconductor material production plant in Korea.

Value Chain

Samyang's chemical business is carried out based on a vertical subsidiary structure.

To build a platform for sustainable growth, we focus our resources
in the high value-added chemical material area, which has immense growth potentials.

Affiliate Companies
/ Business Divisions

  • Samyang Corp. (Chemical)

    Samyang Corporation's chemical business covers engineering plastic, ion exchange resin, and electronic materials. It strives to improve business value and add abundance to everyday life with world-class chemical materials.

  • Samnam Petrochemical
  • Samyang Kasei
  • Samyang Innochem
  • Samyang Fine Technology
  • KCI
  • NC Chem

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