Food Business

We offer global solutions
in the health and nutrition area.


We deliver abundance to your table by developing food ingredients that deliver extraordinary values.

We offer healthy and delicious food for an energetic life by developing high added-value

ingredients and providing high-quality food service distribution and consumer goods.

With a strong business foundation in basic food ingredients, such as sugar, starch sugar, and flour, Samyang's Food Business holds a leading position in the specialty food ingredient area, with products like the sweetener "allulose" and water-soluble dietary fiber "nondigestible maltodextrin." We are also taking measures to stay ahead in the food service distribution business by expanding the product line of frozen dough and launching our ecommerce service. The next step for our food business is entering the global market with our business portfolio of high added-value products and our exceptional R&D capabilities.


  • Food Ingredients
    (Sugar, Flour, etc.)

    A variety of high-quality basic food ingredients

    Based on strong production and R&D capabilities, Samyang's Food Business Group supplies high-quality basic food ingredients customized to the needs of our customers, such as sugar, flour and starch sugar.
  • Specialty Ingredients

    Specialty ingredients developed using food biotechnology that create a healthy and energetic life

    Samyang's Food Business Group creates a healthy and energetic life by offering specialty ingredients and products and highly-effective functional food products that are developed using food biotechnology, such as allulose, dietary fibers, oligosaccharides, and sugar alcohol.
  • Food Service Distribution

    Total solution provider of food services

    Samyang's food service distribution brand, ServeQ, is a one-stop supplier that offers a variety of food ingredients, such as sugar, flour, and oils/fats, as well as processed foods, agricultural products and frozen dough to bakery and restaurant owners.
  • Hangover Relief Products

    Hangover relief products that offer a
    pleasant morning after drinking EASY TOMORROW is a hangover relief product for those who want to wake up feeling refreshed the morning after drinking. It contains highly-concentrated active ingredients, such as yeast extracts and plant extracts (oriental raisins, Chinese hawberry, and kudzu) to offer a fast hangover relief.

Affiliate Companies
/ Business Divisions

Samyang Corp. (Food)

The global solution provider of health and nutrition

Samyang Corporation's food sector strives to strengthen its competitiveness based on basic food ingredients, such as sugar, wheat and processed oils/fats, and develops premium health and wellness products to improve the health of its clients. Furthermore, it is dedicated to expanding its business in restaurant business and restaurant ingredients distribution areas and deliver its full value as the "No. 1 Food & Service Innovator."

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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