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We provide a total solution
for the beverage and
packaging businesses.


Good materials make good products,

and good products are the basis of a good life.

Samyang Packaging takes a leading role in all parts of the PET packaging market in Korea,
including aseptic, preform and beverage OEM products,
and offers the pleasure of enjoying delicious beverage anywhere, anytime.

As a leading company in the PET packaging industry with Korea's largest production facilities and the best manufacturing capability, Samyang Packaging is at the forefront of the market offering beverage and packaging solutions customized to the needs of its clients. Samyang Packaging is fortifying its market leadership through continuous technological development and securing new growth engines, such as expanding its business in overseas markets and carrying out eco-friendly plastic recycling projects, with the aim to ultimately become the total solution partner in the beverage and packaging area.


  • Aseptic Filling

    Korea's first "aseptic filling system" brand

    By applying the aseptic filing system, which conducts the cold aseptic filling of the container immediately after sterilizing the beverage at an ultra high temperature in aseptic conditions, Samyang Packaging's technology effectively preserves the fresh flavor and aroma of the beverage.
  • PET Recycling

    A solution to environmental pollution
    caused by scrap PET bottles

    Samyang Packaging recycles scrap PET bottles to produce high-purity PET flakes and recycled PET chips. Taking the initiative in solving environmental pollution issues caused by scrap PET bottles by developing PET recycling technologies, it is leading the advancement of recycling methods.
  • PET Container

    Food and beverage packaging with
    high level of durability, heat resistance,
    transparency and regeneration

    Samyang Packaging's PET bottle was approved by the FDA for zero toxicity and is safe against environmental hormones. The penetration level of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and vapor is extremely low compared to other plastic containers, which enables the preservation of contents in their original state for months. It is an container that is easy to recycle.

Value Chain

Samyang Packaging is the only company
in Korea that has a complete PET cycle
from production to distribution to recycling.

Samyang Packaging produces PET materials and containers,
has the aseptic filling system technology, and recycles scrap PET to make products.
It offers a total solution in the beverage and packaging sector.

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Affiliate Company

Samyang Packaging

Total solution partner in the beverage and packaging area

Since commercializing PET bottles for the first time in Korea in 1979, Samyang packaging has produced and sold PET bottles for various purposes including beverages and food. With its PET bottle recycling projects and the launch of its brand "Asepsys" in the aseptic filling industry, it offers various packaging solutions to its customers.

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