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We fully support our employees
to facilitate their unhindered
performance at work.

Development Program for Entry-Level Employees

  • 01. Induction Training

    Samyang’s history, culture and businesses

    Business management and basic job knowledge

    Outdoor training, worksite field trip

  • 02. On-the-Job Training

    Three-month on-the-job training after team assignment

    Coaching for job and overall company life

  • 03. Mentoring

    Introduced the mentoring program for the first time in Korea in 2001

    1:1 mentor-mentee matching with high-performing senior employees

    Coaching for various areas including company life and self-development

Key Talent Development Program

Future Leader

Employees who are selected as the “Future Leader” are offered to receive special education, such as MBA overseas, master’s degree or doctoral degree courses in Korea, or leadership skill courses to develop their area of expertise and become a job expert or regional expert. In addition to such education courses, Future Leaders are given the opportunity to carry out various projects that will prepare them to become the next executives.

Career Development Program

All Samyang’s employees create their own individual career development plan. Based on this plan, we provide our employees with training opportunities and help them develop their career with the job rotation program.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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