Biopharmaceutical Sales

Quickly understand and address the needs of our customers.

Job characteristics and introduction

The communication channel between the company and customers
It is commonly expressed that "Sales = the communication channel between the company and customers" This means that the goal is to coordinate the opinions between the company and customers well to maximize profitability through expanding the sales of our products. Since our company's transactions are mainly B2B, we accurately understand the needs of our customers and communicate smoothly with relevant departments of our factory to fulfill their needs, and quickly catch and analyze pain points to solve them. In addition, we are striving to achieve the organizational sales goals through strategy formulation such as establishing production and sales plans, analyzing market trends and competitors, and devising countermeasures after analyzing the exchange rate difference between the basic exchange rate and the actual exchange rate.

Required competencies

Basic trade knowledge
Overseas sales involve the entire process from receiving orders to export operations. When writing contracts with trading partners, negotiation skills are necessary for discussing trade conditions, payment terms, etc. Having a basic understanding of trade-related terms such as Incoterms and export insurance can help perform the job and gain a competitive edge in the field.
Global competency
Overseas sales duties involve communication with oversea customers and partners. Therefore, foreign language skills are essential. English is the most basic language for communication, but having a second foreign language proficiency such as Chinese, Spanish, or Japanese can make business operations smoother in specific countries. Beyond this, possessing knowledge of various countries' manners and cultures can be beneficial for global talent performing overseas sales duties.

Job Interview

To maximize profitability, we establish sales strategies to sell products and perform post-sales management.

Samyang Holdings Suture Sales Team, Assistant Manager

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
Overseas sales is a job that establishes sales strategies for maximizing profitability and operates according to the strategy. The work process consists of collecting and organizing information about customers, exploring sales opportunities and establishing strategies, planning sales activities, selling products, and post-sales management. In other words, the job of overseas sales is to discover potential clients, establish a suitable strategy, manage the clients through regular visits, sell products, manage accounts receivable after the sale, and smoothly handle any issues with the products sold.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
The overseas sales job is not heavily tied to a specific major. All fields of study can be useful. However, since many clients have difficulty communicating in English, a language major can also help perform the job. In addition, for sales of pharmaceuticals/medical devices, those with engineering-related majors can have a higher understanding of the technology and can be a great help in technical sales. The role of business-related majors who can develop overall sales plans and strategies is also important. Recently, for dealing with logistics companies, customs, etc., the role of those who majored in international trade is becoming increasingly important.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
Overseas sales is a job that performs tasks to improve profitability by expanding our company's overseas sales. To achieve this goal, the ability to win the hearts of customers from various countries is necessary. Therefore, we prefer candidates who have a customer-centered mindset and can respond to unexpected demands without being confused. Also, since they meet people from various cultures, we prefer candidates who have a flexible mindset and can perform their duties with an open mind. We hope to attract excellent talents who will work together for the globalization of Samyang Holdings.
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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