Biopharmaceutical R&D

Designing the appropriate composition of finished pharmaceuticals based on the characteristics of raw anticancer agents.

Job characteristics and introduction

Designing appropriate composition of finished pharmaceuticals
Samyang Holdings' BioPharm Group possesses unique Drug Delivery System (DDS) technology and biodegradable material technology. In particular, the pharmaceutical bio R&D has succeeded in developing improved anticancer drugs with reduced side effects and increased efficacy using its own DDS technology. Additionally, the biodegradable surgical suture, which incorporates biodegradable technology, has been developed independently as the third to do so in the world and is being supplied to 45 countries worldwide . Recently, the company has been actively securing a new drug pipeline through open innovation, and our Korean and US branches are working together to develop new businesses, aiming to become an R&D-centered pharmaceutical company with global competitiveness. In particular, we are expanding our organization based on a self-developed mRNA drug delivery platform, which allows for selective delivery to various tissues, with the goal of leading the mRNA therapy market.

Required competencies

Expertise in each research field
A basic knowledge is required for developing formulations in various fields such as medical devices, anticancer drugs, and drug delivery systems development. It requires expertise in polymer-based medical device formulation development technology such as biomaterials, chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer engineering, biomedical engineering, and materials engineering. Additionally, expertise in majors such as pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, chemical engineering, life sciences for developing anticancer drugs and abilities to develop new gene therapies based on molecular biology, genetic engineering, biology, immunology are required. Toxicity assessment and expertise in chemical property analysis are also necessary elements for performing job duties.
Strategic problem-solving, communication, and decision-making skills
Problem-solving skills for leading research projects, communication skills within CFT, and bold decision-making skills can be helpful for performing tasks.
Responsibility, cooperation, teamwork
A sense of responsibility for conducting research, cooperation with relevant departments, and the ability to collaborate effectively with CFT team members are essential for success.

Job Interview

Optimizing the composition and manufacturing of finished pharmaceuticals through formulation research.

Samyang Holdings Pharmaceutical P/G Assistant Manager

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
I work as a researcher in the Pharmaceutical PG at a Pharmaceutical Biotechnology R&D. Our group conducts formulation research on anticancer agents. Formulation research involves studying the composition and manufacturing methods, as well as the manufacturing process of finished pharmaceuticals based on the physicochemical properties of raw materials.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
The required competencies to conduct pharmaceutical formulation research include understanding of raw materials and the ability to prescribe appropriate formulations. For this, extensive knowledge in disciplines such as physical pharmacy, pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutics is required. Additionally, since a range of experiments from in vitro to in vivo animal experiments are necessary to draw rational conclusions during the research process, solid experimental design and execution skills are also important competencies.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
In order to perform the duties of a researcher smoothly, learning about the key disciplines mentioned earlier is necessary. Since there are many cases where conclusions must be drawn through various experiments, proficiency in standardized experiments is required, as well as the ability to logically design new experiments. Additionally, the ability to interpret experimental results in various ways is necessary since different conclusions can be drawn from the same data. We look forward to working with individuals who can think creatively.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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