Biopharmaceutical Marketing

Presenting and establishing the marketing strategy of BioPharm.

Job characteristics and introduction

Establishing strategies and conducting market analysis
The role of the marketing department is to provide and establish the direction of the business unit, specifically marketing strategies, based on thorough data collection and market analysis. Through this process, products and services that satisfy the needs of potential customers should be provided. This role can only be fully performed when creative ideas and objective data analysis abilities are appropriately utilized. Some specific tasks include market research and analysis, product planning, marketing strategy establishment, and exhibition planning and management.

Required competencies

Data analysis skills
The ability to collect market data, such as industry market size and growth rate, representative products and unmet needs, and the ability to correctly interpret the collected data are required. Based on the objective results of data analysis, you also need the ability to establish business strategy directions by incorporating your creative ideas. In addition, you also need basic financial skills to understand and analyze investment returns, profit and loss statements, and cost accounting details.
Communication skills
Like marketing work, there are many cases where you need to request data materials from other departments (sales, factories, R&D, etc.) or seek opinions and consent. In addition, it is important to listen not only to internal voices within the company but also to customer feedback and to have communication skills when collaborating with global partners. It is also important to have the ability to manage multiple projects.

Job Interview

Expanding product portfolio and promoting our products widely.

Samyang Holdings MD Marketing team, Assistant Manager

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
The role of marketing is to satisfy the needs of potential customers and make them come directly to our company. There are two main ways to attract customers' interest and make them come to us. The first is to expand our product portfolio. To expand our product portfolio, we must always keep an attitude of listening to the needs of the market. Reflecting these market needs, a business plan must be prepared to develop new products promptly, and product launches must be managed by collaborating with relevant departments so that the project can proceed smoothly. The second way is to plan and manage exhibitions/conferences to publicize the features of our company and products. In addition, the role of marketing is to build product promotional materials and increase M/S through media publicity.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
Although there are majors directly related to our work such as business administration or marketing, due to the nature of the medical device industry, the capabilities of science and engineering majors such as mathematics, biology, and chemistry are also required. For data collection and analysis, the demand for major competencies such as mathematics/statistics is gradually increasing. In addition, due to the nature of our surgical consumable medical devices, as we deal with biodegradable substances, we need science and engineering capabilities such as chemistry and biology to understand and promote our products.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
Marketers must work with a sense of responsibility and ownership. We prefer talented people who take responsibility for the product/project because they have to manage the entire process from product development to launch, sales activities, promotion, and contract signing. If you have this mindset and attitude, you will be able to perform the related tasks.
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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