Samyang's Philosophy

"Cultivating professional talent is just as important as recruiting good talent at the outset." All companies all need excellent human resources, yet some do not exert much effort in human resources development.

Samyang has a state-of-the-art HRD system that is preparing young executives who will lead in the future. The Group offers tremendous support in employee self-development programs of all kinds, creating a most rewarding workplace and the ideal environment for the company and individuals to grow together.
However, the people at Samyang offer much more than intelligence and job skills. They are team players and value ethics highly. The true definition of "human talent" is a person who can bring a culture of consensus. Samyang placed importance on cultivating human talent. From the moment new recruits join the company, they are provided with systematic training.
They receive the Basic Training Course as well as, one-the-job training and mentoring from their superiors to learn quickly how to work within the organization. The company offers special training to hone the professional skills required by each individual. Early on, exceptional talent is selected and trained to serve as the next generation core personnel. The Future Leader program for managers includes enrollment in MBA courses in Korea or abroad, as well as opportunities to attend various leadership training courses. The goal is to train people who can capably adjust to changes in the future business environment. Participants are given the opportunity to experience various job positions and are given challenging assignments to prepare for life as a future senior executive.
Meanwhile, the Specialist track is available the selected individuals for their long-term career development. They have opportunities to attend classes in graduate school in Korea as well as specialist training programs inside and outside the company. Moreover, participants receive the support they need to obtain various license certifications.

Samyang is also training global specialists. People who are involved in overseas business are trained in foreign languages and dispatched overseas to gain experience on the ground. New recruits can take part in an overseas training program that includes visits to local companies, seminars and cross-cultural experience. Such training serves as the platform for global corporate competitiveness. In step with the times, employees are also receiving online training courses, unrestricted by time or physical location. Participants can listen to lectures whenever and wherever they want via both audio and video media.
Samyang employees can decide a career path that benefits their individual talent and vision. Systematic training programs are provided to help each person to elevate the competitiveness. Importantly, the people who perform the best and show the greatest abilities are enrolled in a special program for future executives. Thus, each individual is allowed to maximize his or her potential.

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