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A New TV Commercial of Sangkwaehwan, “Hyeristagram” Print
Affiliates Samyang Corp Writer administrator Hits 3409 Date 2017.10.01


Samyang Corporation released a new TV commercial of Sangkwaehwan, titled “Hyeristagram”, from October 1. The TV commercial starts with the scene that someone sees Instagram of Hyeri who is the commercial model of Sangkwaehwan. She sees the pictures of Hyeri enjoying drinking with friends, wondering how much she drank yesterday. She expects that Hyeri would likely feel hungover. At that moment, Hyeri, who looks totally fine, shows up before her and tells her the secret to cure a hangover by saying, “Yesterday? I took this one.”


Samyang Corporation has been conducting a variety of PR campaigns of Sangkwaehwan such as TV commercials and social media events in order to achieve accumulated sales of 10 million.

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